Web app NFC ST25

Welcome to ST NFC web app – Please open this page on your mobile

The advantage of web apps: you don’t need to download another app 🙂

Step 1: enabling the NFC option in Chrome on your mobile

Your mobile need to have NFC enabled PLUS the NFC option enabled in your Chrome browser app to work.

Follow the steps below and/or watch the video.

  • Open Chrome
  • In Chrome enter: chrome://flags
  • Use the search in page to find “webNFC” and switch to it to “enabled”.


Step 2: writing and reading a URL on your tag

Press the “write” button to write the URL smarter.st.com on your tag:

Press the “watch” button to read the URL you just wrote to your tag


Step3: write the URL of your choice to your tag

Enter your URL in the box: