The IoT Movement

The time is right to seize the infinite number of new product and application possibilities the Internet of Things is opening up. The underlying technologies have matured and we are moving towards a world where almost any system is able to leverage the Internet and its ecosystem of cloud computing, thanks in part to the wide availability of efficient wireless connectivity, cost-effective microcontrollers and low-cost innova-tive sensors.
The IoT is a fast-growing worldwide movement. An estimated 30 billion objects are forecast to be connected to the IoT by 2020 compared to around 10 billion in 2013.
ST is excited to be part of the IoT movement that is impacting existing industries and creating new ones. The Internet and its ecosystem of cloud computing offers many opportunities to build new applications and refresh them over the air. This in turn enables new capabilities, services and business models that create more value for consumers and developers.
For ST, the IoT is a strategic focus in which we are addressing Smart Industry, Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Things. Along with our ecosystem partners we provide all the tools to enable you to design, prototype and produce leading-edge products and solutions.
ST is a market leader in microcontrollers, MEMS sensors & mi-cro-actuators, power supply ICs for AMOLED displays and se-cure solutions that will enable you to develop amazing Smart Things. We have the products and application know-how to support the transformation to Smart Industry by making manu-facturing more efficient, environmentally friendly and flexible, while enabling safer working environments and bet-ter man-machine cooperation. Our multi-sensor network connectivity, expertise in digital-security technology, long experience in smart metering solutions and partnership with utilities, service pro-viders, and system integra-tors are your keys to success in Smart City applications. And we support a wide variety of connectivity standards to support various application needs for the Smart Home.