The best way to develop Smart Things

What isa smart thing?

The Internet of Things has opened the potential for billions of “Smart Things” to communicate with each other and improve daily life. Semiconductor technologies are enabling large scale deployment of new devices that are powerful, compact, energy-efficient, secure and affordable. ST provides the simplest way to develop Smart Things for the IoT.

Featured Applications

Wearable devices : tough requirements for precision, power consumption and more.

Wearable devices set some of the industry’s toughest requirements for high precision, low power consumption, compact form factor and overall outstanding performance. Whether it is processing, connectivity, security, sensing or power management, ST’s products take into account the needs of the most recent and innovative wearable devices.

Wearable sensor unit reference design

STEVAL-WESU1 is a reference design developed and optimized to help designers implement the latest technologies in wearable and portable applications. The small form factor of the hardware allows it to be enclosed in a watch strap, so the user can experience a real activity monitoring system. Learn more »

Wireless power system for wearables

The STEVAL-ISB037V1 board features the LD39020 high performance linear voltage regulator, configured to convert a DC input voltage from 2.4 V to 5.5 V into a precise and stable 1.8 V output voltage. Only two small ceramic capacitors are needed to implement the linear regulator solution. Learn more »

SensorTile connectable sensor node development kit

The STEVAL-STLKT01V1 is a comprehensive development kit designed to support and expand the capabilities of the SensorTile and comes with a set of cradle boards enabling hardware scalability. Learn more »

STM32 ODE function pack for IoT node

The FP-SNS-MOTENV1 is an STM32 ODE function pack, which let your IoT node be connected to a smartphone via BLE and uses a suitable Android™ or iOS™ such as the BlueMS app to view real-time environmental sensor data, motion sensor data. Learn more »

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STM32L4 series ultra-low power microcontrollers

ST has built a new architecture to reach best-in-class ultra-low-power figures thanks to its high flexibility. Learn more »

Three-axis "femto" accelerometers

The LIS2DW12 is an ultra-low-power high-performance three-axis linear accelerometer belonging to the “femto” family. Learn more »

"Nano" pressure sensor

The LPS22HB is an ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer. Learn more »

Bluetooth low energy wireless system-on-chip

The BlueNRG-2 is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode system-on-chip, compliant with Bluetooth specification. Learn more »

Battery management ICs

ST’s portfolio of battery management ICs includes Battery monitoring fuel gauge ICs, switching and linear Battery chargers and also EnFilm™ thin-film rechargeable solid-state batteries. Learn more »

STM32L4: Ultra-low power and performance
Products and solutions for wearable devices

The huge potential for drone technology reaches well beyond consumer applications

New types of drones are getting into industry, agriculture and logistics. From the gimbal to propeller controls, from one end of the drone to the next, ST’s components offer improved performance, easy implementation, and lower power consumption capabilities that enhance the variety of applications drones can address.

Electronic speed controller

The STEVAL-ESC001V1 evaluation board is based on the STM32F303 microcontroller, L6398 driver and STL160NS3LLH7 power MOSFETs. It is an electronic speed controller (ESC) designed to drive a single three phase brushless motor (BLDC/PMSM) Learn more »

Software development kit

The STM32 PMSM FOC SDK(STSW-STM32100), which includes the PMSM FOC FW library and ST MC Workbench, allows the user to evaluate the STM32 performance in applications driving single or dual Field Oriented Control of 3-phase Permanent Magnet motors (PMSM, BLDC). Learn more »

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High performance microcontrollers

STM32F7 microcontrollers deliver the maximum theoretical performance of the Cortex-M7 core, regardless if code is executed from embedded Flash or external memory. Learn more »

Nano pressure sensor

The LPS22HD is an ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer.  Learn more »

IGBT and MOSFET Drivers

A necessary companion for discrete power MOSFETs and IGBTs as well as digital – microcontrollers, DSPs and FPGs – or analog controllers. Learn more »

BLDC controller with STM32 MCU

The STSPIN32F0 is a System-In-Package providing an integrated solution suitable for driving three-phase BLDC motors using different driving modes.  Learn more »

Low-voltage MOSFETs

ST’s STripFET F7 series feature an enhanced trench-gate structure that lowers device on-state resistance while also reducing internal capacitances and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching.  Learn more »

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Drones Soar and STMicroelectronics Is Already High Above the Rest
In a market study published by Gartner in 2014, STMicroelectronics is listed as one of the members of the semiconductor industry that will benefit the most from the rise of the commercial drone market. Learn more » 

STSPIN32F0: Integrated Solution for Three-Phase BLDC motors
ST’s new STSPIN32F0 motor-control system-in-package combines the power and flexibility of a microcontroller-based drive using different control algorithms with ease-of-use and space efficiency. The product is ideal for applications like smart-manufacturing equipment, power tools, and cooling fans. Learn more » 


STM32F7 series ARM® Cortex®-M7 powered MCUs
24V DC motor drivers webinar

To learn more about the topic you can register to re-play the latest webinar about the 24V DC motor drivers

Learn more »

MCU based motor driver IC

Smartphones represent a dense concentration of technology in a small form factor.

ST provides a broad range of leading-edge solutions that enable latest innovations, including sensors to enhance the user experience, secure NFC solutions to protect data and screen power management solutions for optimized brightness and longer battery life.

STM32 ODE function pack for IoT node with BLE connectivity

Including digital micrphone, environmental and motion sensors, the FP-SNS-ALLMEMS1 is an STM32 ODE function pack which lets you connect your IoT node to a smartphone via BLE and use a suitable Android™ or iOS™ like the BlueMS app to view real-time environmental sensor data, motion sensor data, digital microphone levels, and Gas Gauge level.

The package also enables advanced functionality such as voice communication over BLE, sound source localization and acoustic beam forming using inputs from multiple microphones, as well sensor data fusion and accelerometer-based real-time activity recognition.

Learn more »

Single-cell Li+ charger evaluation board

The STEVAL-ISB033V1 is an evaluation board to test the first-of-its-kind STBCFG01 switch mode battery charger for single cell Li-Ion batteries, which integrates a highly accurate voltage mode fuel gauge to monitor a battery’s state of charge. The device also provides a 5 V output to supply USB OTG (on-the-go) bus-powered devices in addition to an LDO linear voltage regulator to support system boot in dead battery conditions.  The STBCFG01 uses accurate measurements of the battery voltage which allows the estimation of the battery’s state-of-charge (SOC) without a current-sensing resistor. Learn more »

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STSAFE secure element

The STSAFE-A100 is a highly secure solution that acts as a secure element providing authentication and data management services to a local or remote host. Learn more »

OLED display power

ST’s LCD/OLED PSU devices add value to new designs by simplifying power-supply circuitry and maximizing battery life for feature-rich portable products thanks to their embedded energy-saving features. Learn more »

NFC controller with active load modulation

The ST21NFCD is a single NFC controller IC designed for integration in mobile devices and NFC compliant products with 3 NFC functions. Learn more »

Two axis gyroscope for gaming and OIS

The L2G2IS is a two-axis MEMS gyroscope for optical image stabilization applications. It includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the application through an SPI digital interface. Learn more »

FlightSense™ ranging sensors

The VL53L0X is a new generation Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module housed in the smallest package on the market today. Learn more »

STM32™ 32-bit MCU family
ST’s power management solutions for mobile devices