Making driving safer, greener and more connected

What is Smart Driving?

Safer:  Having the car drive better than we can – maintaining a safe distance to other cars, remaining perfectly in our lane and at the right speed, and always watching for threats.

Greener: Improving power and fuel efficiency in car electronics and helping to minimize fuel consumption, emissions and wear and tear on vehicles.

More Connected: Bringing our personalized entertainment and connected experience into the car environment in a safe and easy to use manner, enabling secure communications between vehicles and the infrastructure

Explore the wide spectrum of solutions and products.

ADAS improves safety levels by helping drivers with the complex process of driving.

Camera-based ADAS are increasingly adopted for their high reliability and adaptability to a wide-range of applications. They are commonly deployed for front vision, rear vision or 360 surround coverage. Radar-based ADAS use two different carrier frequencies, 24 GHz for short-range (SRR) and 77 GHz for long-range (LRR) applications, to provide driver-assistance features such as blind-spot detection and collision avoidance.

24 GHz RADAR evaluation Board

The EVB-STRADA431 board allow the performance of the STRADA431 device to be evaluated , a 24 GHz transceiver (1 TX / 3 RX) MMIC for automotive radar sensor applications.

EVB-STRADA431 uses: four 2.92 mm or 2.4 mm SMA connectors for RX inputs and TX output seven 3.5 mm SMA connectors for RX IF output signals, dividers output, VCO fine tuning voltage, test tone clock signal; a test point to read the analog MUX output (temperature or power sensor output); 5-pin male pin header connectors for SPI signals.

Key Features

  • EVB-STRADA431 evaluates STRADA431 performance, 24 GHz transceiver (1 TX / 3 RX) MMIC for automotive radar sensor applications
  • EVB-STRADA431 GUI software programs all IC functions from PC using a FTDI-C232HM USB interface

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24 GHz automotive radar transceiver

STRADA431 is a fully integrated 24 GHz transceiver for ISM automotive radar applications. Learn more »

77 GHz automotive radar transceiver

STRADA770 is a single-chip transceiver for automotive radar applications.  Learn more »

Automotive image sensor

1.3 megapixel high dynamic range image sensor Learn more »

Power management for vision and radar systems

The L5965 is a multiple voltage regulator including two battery compatible BUCK pre-regulators, two BUCK post regulators, one BOOST, one LDO and a precise voltage reference regulator.
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Making Driving Safer
Image Sensor and Processor

Vehicle electrification driven by technological developments.

The electrification of vehicles is increasing, driven by more performant and cost-effective battery technology, improved mileage and ecological awareness. ST provides many products and solutions for both hybrid (HEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Electric Traction

Electric vehicles are powered by electric motors supplied by rechargeable electric energy storage systems. Several schemes to implement the propulsion system are already available, as well as several solutions to recharge the power accumulators. A good solution for light-weight, small-size vehicles is a low-voltage electric traction system.  Learn more »

HEV/EV Battery Charger

Electric vehicles are powered by electric motors supplied by rechargeable electric energy storage systems. Several schemes to implement the propulsion system are already available, as well as several solutions to recharge the power accumulators. A good solution for light-weight, small-size vehicles is a low-voltage electric traction system.  Learn more »

HEV/EV - Main Inverter

Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor supplied by a rechargeable energy storage system. Several schemes to implement the propulsion system are already available, as well as several solutions to recharge the power accumulators.
The standard solutions consist of a DC-AC converter that operates in bidirectional mode for both the propulsion and the regeneration phases.  Learn more »

Start-Stop System

The idle time for a vehicle’s internal combustion engine can be reduced using a start-stop system that automatically shuts down and restarts the engine, so minimizing the idle time. The start-stop system must not distort the driving perception and it requires that all the vehicle’s devices have to correctly keep their combustion-engine functionality on.  Learn more »


ST’s portfolio of silicon carbide MOSFETs features the industry’s highest operating junction temperature rating of 200 °C and significantly reduced total power losses for more efficient, smaller and lighter systems. Learn more »

SiC Rectifiers

ST’s silicon carbide diodes range from 600 to 1200 V – as single and dual diodes – and feature unbeatable reverse recovery characteristics and improved VF. Learn more »


Automotive IGBTs are the ideal switch for high-voltage applications in both conventional cars and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).
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Galvanically isolated single gate driver

The STGAP1AS is a galvanically isolated single gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs with advanced protection, configuration and diagnostic features.  Learn more »

High-performance MCUs

SPC58 E-line is the first new member in ST’s multi-core microcontroller (MCU) family aimed at making cars safer. Learn more »

Power management Driving smart power
Driving Electromobility

Address your automotive connectivity needs with ST’s Solutions and Products

Vehicles are becoming ever more connected. Not only the complex internal subsystems in the car but also through secure gateways to the cloud. ST provides smart solutions for V2X technologies, telematics, and positioning, all with the required level of security.

Embedded software solutions

The SPC5 family of automotive microcontrollers is supported by a full range of state-of-the-art software tools from both ST and from major third parties.  These include:

  • Development toolchains and IDEs
  • Drivers and runtime software libraries
  • AUTOSAR platforms

Some software tools, such as the SPC5-Studio integrated development environment, can be directly downloaded for free from

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Solution Evaluation Board

Teseo EVB board is a complete standalone evaluation platform for Teseo III GNSS ST solution. Teseo III embeds the high performance ARM946 microprocessor with dedicated SRAM and several serial communication interfaces, including USB, SPI, I²C, UART and CAN.

Performance and configuration can be analyzed using the ST TESEO-SUITE PC Tool2.

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The SPC58 C-Line is a general-purpose 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU family targeting body, networking and security applications, such as secure onboard communication systems in connected vehicles. Learn more »

Secure core optimized for automotive M2M

The ST33GxxxA is a serial access microcontroller designed for secure mobile applications that incorporates the most recent generation of ARM® processors for embedded secure systems. Learn more »

Telematics and Connectivity Processor

STA1195 is a fully automotive, multi-processor System-On-Chip, targeting processor-centric Telematics Applications offering superior processing power for high-bandwidth data traffic management. Learn more »


The latest generation of ST’s GNSS ICs, Teseo III offers reduced power consumption and carrier-phase tracking for higher accuracy. Learn more »

MCUs for car body and security applications

Not only entertaining the occupants with music

Car entertainment systems not only have to entertain the occupants with music and movies but also provide advanced data services typical of digital broadcasting like real-time traffic information, news, geo-localized weather forecasts and easy access to smartphone apps – without taking a toll on power consumption. ST offers  products that address low- to high-end premium infotainment systems.

Display Audio, Nav and Cluster applications

STA1295 is a fully automotive, power efficient System-On-Chip, targeting cost effective processing solution for modern Display Audio Systems. Learn more »

Terrestrial Radio receivers

For terrestrial analog and digital radio, we offer a complete family of pin-to-pin compatible CMOS tuners, thus achieving maximum flexibility and architectural scalability for granting ST customers the most optimized solution from low-end to premium infotainment systems. Learn more »

Digital Audio amplifiers

We offer a broad product portfolio covering all multi-channel requirements and continue to develop innovative solutions to always ensure the best sound quality combined with maximum energy efficiency and advanced features. Learn more »

Advanced power management system

The L99PM72GXP is a power management system IC providing electronic control units with enhanced system power supply functionality including various standby modes as well as LIN and HS CAN physical communication layers.  Learn more »

Multi-channel power management IC for infotainment systems

L5963 is a dual step-down switching regulator with internal power switches, high side driver and a low drop-out linear regulator that can operate as standby regulator or normal LDO. Learn more »

Welcome to the Accordo 5

ST’s successful Accordo line of digital-infotainment chips has a new member, the Accordo 5 family. Drivers will appreciate the features that the Accordo 5 devices provide, such as smartphone mirroring that gives access to content, such as music and navigation services, on the phone safely through the vehicle’s own user interface. Learn more »

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